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Van de Vecht Machinery is specialised in crate washer machines and other hygiene and special cleaning equipment for among other things the meat-, fish-, flower- and vegetable transport industry. We design and manufacture high quality custom work stainless steal crate washing equipment.

Van de Vecht crate washer machines


Van de Vecht Machine Construction manufactures crate washer machines for a number of companies in different sectors. We can offer a custom solution for every problem thanks to our knowledge of design and development. With our extensive experience, we are able to move ourselves in the situation of our customers. Our way of working will then suit your wishes and requirements.

Wash fish crates

Wash egg trays

Wash Broban crates

Wash without changing

Crate washer type: RKV 401





Our products

Washing program:

Water usage:


Pre-rinsing, main wash and rinsing

Minimal, through counter current application


1 person

Vapor extraction / knife & tool holder

400 crates per hour

Compact, stainless steel construction

Crate washer type: MKV

Minimal, through counter current application

Minimal, through seperate wash zones

Steplessly adjustable

1 - 2 persons, or automatic

- Pompkeuze: 5.5, 7.5, 11 of 18 kW

- Sticker verwijderaar

- Afblaas/droogsectie

- Dampafzuiging

- Automatic supply and drainage transport

- Stacking and unstacking

800-3000 crates per hour

Compact, stainless steel construction





Washing program:

Water usage:


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Thanks to our relatively small and clear organisation, we are able to operate quick and adequate. Our central location allows our service mechanics to arrive on location in no time. We have many parts in stocks, this allows us to quickly and efficiently manufacture customer specific products.

Are you looking for high quality cleaning equipment for your company? Look no further and contact us, we would love to tell you more about the possibilites at van de Vecht machinery.

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